This was an experimental video art project created during the "In 7 - Gardenship" Film challenge. The event consists of a group of artists and collaborators working together to create an original video-art piece while filming on-location the scenery inside and outside the warehouse during 7 days in Kearny, NJ.
- 0:00 - 2:15 is my own guitar playing
- 2:15 - End - Brian Curry original soundtrack

IN 7 is an artistic twist on the 24-hour film challenge curated by Kasia Skorynkiewicz where site-specific videos are created at Gardenship (an artist collider space) and its surrounding Kearny Point campus in South Kearny NJ. Artists collaborate with videographers, editors, musicians, and dancers over 7 days to make their experimental video art visions into a reality, hence the name IN 7. This year the residency took place from June 3rd to June 10th and concluded with an outdoor drive-in screening at Gardenship on the night of June 10th. IN 7 births a whirlwind of experimental video art among them alternative narratives, dance pieces and original music, all of them exploring editing, movement, and collaboration. Each artist completes a major original work which speaks as a true testament to the collaborative process of the residency.
- Link to the full show with all artists' videos:
A collaboration with artist Christine Romanell. She created these geometric designs and I animated them to add movement and a mesmerizing effect. This video was projected onto a wall during the art exhibition at Wavelength Art gallery in Little Falls, NJ.

Christine Romanell Artist Website:

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